Black Lives Matter

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I'm Australian


The Spinifex People and Mulga Rock

This an Example of The outrageous Treatment of Australian First Nations Heritage and culture...

"Hear the incredible story from Spinifex Anangu and Western Nullabor people and the displacement from the nuclear weapons testing at Maralinga in South Australia to the current threats from the proposed uranium mine at Mulga 

Rock, Western Australia."

Juukan Gorge Destruction By Rio Tinto

The Heading above is a LINK to a Video of The Destruction of Juukan Caves.... No Sound though! and no Commentary about The Latest Reccommendations for Rio To Pay Compensation and For The Federal Government and The WA State Government to Pay more Attention to First Nation And for The Federal Government and WA Governments to Pay Respect to OUR Australian National Heritage and Culture and "Country" 

There was a News announcement about The Enquiry into The Blasting By Rio Tinto and The Reccommendations, But I have been unable to find an Audio File for That News Item... Here is a Link to the written News Article:-

Rio Tinto should pay compensation for Juukan Gorge caves blast, inquiry recommends

It's NAIDOC Week 2020

Dr Charles Perkins Memorial Oration keynote speech sees Pat Turner AM, (As the CEO of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, and with the experience of a lengthy career in public service ; Ms Turner is well versed in the intricacies of both Government and the Community-Controlled Sector.) ; say: Government Partnerships with Indigenous Community Organisations are The Key to achieving positive outcomes for First Nations people, and these Partnerships are the key to Indigenous Advancement.

YouTube Video

More Information about The Dr. Charles Perkins University of Sydney Memorial Oration Tradition, can be found here...

This is an Extremely Important Issue For All Humanity

This Episode of AWAYE is Part of an Educational Effort of This Web Site

Thin Black Line

with Allan Clarke
It is Now November 2020 and Joe Biden is President Elect===== It is Naidoc Week in Australia, and this is just one of the actions taking place here: Thin Black Line

Global Independence Day

July 4th 2020

Global Opressed Peoples Day

Celebrating The Black Lives Matter 4th of July... The Start of The Real Independence Day for ALL People that are Being Exploited by The Fascist Oligarchs of Whatever Race Color or Creed!

Frederick Douglass

"What to the Slave Is the 4th ofJuly?”

James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’s Historic Speech - "What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?” to The Rochester, NY., Ladies Anti Slavery Society on The 5th of July 1852, amidst the Slaughter of first Nation Indigenous Americans, as Well as the Killings, Lashings, Lynchings  and other Inhuman Treatments of Black African Slaves of That Time!

Angela Davis stated that "She would argue that Abolition is a Feminist Strategy and one sees in these Abolitionist Demands (uh)... emerging the pivotal demand of Feminists theories and practices...

Well, I want us to see Feminism (not only) as not only addressing issues of Gender, but rather as a Methodological approach; of understanding the Intersectionality of Struggles and Issues and ...

"Abolition Feminism" counters "Carceral Feminism"; which has unfortunately assumed that issues such as Violence against Women can be Effectively addressed by using police force; by using Imprisonment as a Solution; and of course we know that Joseph Biden in 1994, who claimed that the "Violence against Women Act" was such an Important Moment in his Career that The 'Violence against Women Act' was couched within the 1994 'Crime Act' The "Clinton Crime Act"...

And what we are Calling For is a Process of De-Criminalisation; not that threats to Safety, threats to Security come; not primarily from not what is defined as Crime, but rather from the Failure of Institutions in A Country to address Issues of Health, Issues of Education etcetera...

Abolition is really about "Rethinking the Kind of Future we Want", The Social Future, The Economic Future, the Political Future: It's about Revolution I would Argue....


Amy Goodman

Because this is a Black Lives Matter Page, and because Amy has been instrumental by her Journalism, in presenting the reality of The World We Live In, not Just in The USA, but for the Rest of the Globe. 

I wish to pay Tribute to the Work that she does on a Daily Basis to Keep Us All informed… Thankyou Amy Goodman for your and The Whole Teams Dedication to achieving :-

….. “Democracy Now”…..

Too Much

The Trump Administration and The US Criminal Justice System that was already Corrupt, even to the extent that the Composition of The US Supreme Court has been manipulated and Stacked by this Evil President, Evil Administration and Evil Senate; Controlled by Evil Republican Senators; who are Destroying any semblance of Humanity that did previously exist in The US’s Corrupted System of Government: So much so, that this Website cannot keep up…

I will post occasional updates like this one, and already have a record on my FB page (Peter Cullen) of nearly every Democracy Now Episode; at least those that concern me and certainly nearly all since the Heinous Police Execution; Recorded Live in The Street; of George Floyd…

I just wish that I could do more to bring about the Quiet Revolutionary Systemic Change that will lead to The USA being able to Rejoin Other Nations that are Concerned with The Really Urgent Global Crisees of Climate Change, This Covid-19 Pandemic, Modern Forms of Forex Controlled International Slavery, and the associated Inequality of Wealth and Environmental Destruction.

It Just Gets Worse

Celebrating Trumps RNC

For His Re-Election to a Hopeless Presidency

Al-Qaeda; Arabic: Translation: "The Base"

Trump You are a Global Disgrace!

It is You and your Right Wing Fascist Supporters who are Preaching Hatred and Lies at your RNC, that are responsible for stirring up the Violence from a lot of The More Ignorant and Poorly Educated of Your so called "Base": Stirring them into this Violence in The Streets of The USA...

It is You that are The Terrorist Leader of The Latest "The Base"... You are Not The First Terrorist "Boss Man" to Try to Ensconce themselves into Presidency of The Nations that they have Thrown into Chaos. I suspect You will not be The Last!

I just hope that the More Sane of your Misguided "Base" who occupy the majority of Seats in The US Senate: Come to their Somnolent Senses!

Pompeo Hatred Personified - Sycophant to The Saudi Royals and Zionists


Viagra? Yes. Birth Control? No. SCOTUS Sides withTrump.

SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States)

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