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Yanis Varoufakis – TEDx

This video talk by Yanis Varoufakis on TEDx is a very good Introduction to the Full Length Feature Documentary Movie/Video “The Corporation”, below it…

YouTube Video

The Corporation 

If you Respect and Admire Noam Chomsky & Michael Moore, You'll love this Full Length Feature Documentary ... 

My Comment: 

If we want a quick First Move... (As in Chess without a Timer!) lol ...

== Consider the next few Moves Following this First Move!... 

 1)  "Global Parity of Wage Labour Rates, brought about by The Adjustment of Currency Exchange Rates & fixing Them on an Annual basis!... That would Stop The International Slave Labour Market... Bring about National Sustainability... All is Possible!... All that is Needed is "The Will to Accomplish it!" and The Patience and Determination to Achieve it!... With Good Will to All Mankind... Not Just for the "Corporate Shareholders of Poisonous and Poisoning, Tax Dodging Global Corporations!

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