Gas Turbines

The GE LM2500 

24MW of Electric Power

Talangduku – Sumatra

In 2011 I worked in Jakarta for SNC Lavalin as The Design Manager for The Design and Installation of Two GE Gas  Fired Aero Derivative Power Generation Turbines one a Land Mounted (LM) and The Other a Truck Mounted (TM) 2500 …

I learned much more about Jet Engines…

I write this with a  Heavy Heart, having Grown up in The Aero Industry.

My Father, who learned his Aero Engineering starting with The RAF prior to WW 2, and then after serving at Biggin Hill, keeping Spitfires flying, and later at Speke outside Liverpol, where he first met my Mother. 

After The Battle of Britain he served in North Afrika and Sicily, before returning to England when The War ended, learning a little French on The Way.

After he left The RAF, he worked with  B.O.A.C at London Airport, and then as an Outstation Engineer in Karachi, Pakistan; and then in Calcutta, India, and a few other locations before being Stationed in Tokyo, Japan in the 1960’s…

I spent many hours in many different Aircraft flying between my College in Hampshire and wherever my Father and Family were Stationed.

My very First Flight since my Father was the QANTAS Specialist in Karachi, was in a Super G Constellation, next in The Bristol Brittania, then The Comet IV, The VC 10, and The Boeing 707.

That Period lasted some 9 years. During that time I observed a build up in Cloud Cover of Our Planet… Every 12 Weeks for the Period of time that My Father was Stationed in Japan, I made a Complete Circle of The Globe. The Cloud Build Up was just one of my Subjective Observations as a Scientist in Training. I was becoming aware of Climate Change, in a very real way!

I write within these pages, about the many Problems that are causing “Climate Change”, but also about the Most Powerful Way to undo a Lot of The Green-H0use Gas Build Up, and replace The Coal, Oil and Gas, Fossil Fuel Burning Power Generation used for Supplying the Existing Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electric Power Demand; and I also Draw attention to The Additional 25%  increase  (Approximate), in Electric Power Required to Charge and Recharge WHATEVER type of Batteries are to be Used to Power The Electric Driven Transport being Hailed as The Solution to The Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines... 

No Free Lunch!

As an Engineer, I love Jet Engines; They are Magnificent, and I am sure that they will still have their Role to Play in The Scheme of Things for The Future Clean Up of Our Space Ship Earth; Our Temple and Our Home.

However, we All need to be Hyper Aware of The Problems Associated with their Use, both as Power Sources for Flight and For Electric Power Generation on The Ground…

What is a GE LM 2500?

The LM 2500 js a GE Aero- Derivative Gas Turbine.

It is a Derivative of The The General Electric CF6. The GE CF6 .

(US military designation F103), is a family of high-bypass turbofan engines produced by GE Aviation. Based on the TF39, the first high-power high- ypass jet engine, the CF6 powers a wide variety of civilian airliners. The basic engine core also powers the LM2500, LM5000, and LM6000 marine and power generation turboshafts. 

Ref:-  https://en.w

Some LM 2500 Data

Electric Power Production: 21-34 MW 

Efficiency:  34.7%

Thus 65.3% of the Fuel Burn is, for The Simple LM 2500 and The Aero GE CF6’s, Wasted as Heat Energy! 

Which from Data Supplied By GE ammonts to ….. ????

Airline Great Circle Navigation using Polar Routes?

Just an additional heat source to Melt the Polar Ice Cap and Sea Ice…

Note for Calculation: 

Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV [Lower Heat Value])    =     10,376 kJ/kWh

Operating hours: 97+ MILLION

Ref.:- turbines/lm2500

Exhaust Gasses Comparison

One GE LM 2500 Exhaust is Equivalent to 2,537 Car Exhausts!

Read On Mc Duff!

The GE LM 2500 produces 168000 cu.ft/min  = 4757.2 cub. m/min of exhaust Gasses, going straight up into the atmosphere exiting at 566 Degrees Centigrade, creating large Vertical Shear anomalies in The Atmosphere, which of course are interfacing the numerous Horizontal Shear anomalies exiting from almost every Engine on Every Commercial Airliner in The World!... 

And People Wonder Why Wind Speeds and Cyclones & Tornados are increasing in Severity and Frequency throughout the World… And that’s even without Considering The Vertical Wind Shears Being caused by The Down-thrust of Air Required to Continuously Match the LIFT being Generated to Support those ever Increasingly Large Jetliners Flying closer and Closer to MACH 1, and Proposed for The Future (After The Covid-19 Pandemic!) – 

LIFT/Downthrust, is the Reality of Newton's Law “To each and Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction”!!!

Jet Exhaust Compared to Car Exhaust

One 1500 cc Car Engine produces, whilst running at 2500 r.p.m.(i.e. A 4 Stroke Engine which Exhausts The Complete Volume of the Engine every 2 Revolutions of The Crankshaft):  1.875 cub. m/min

This Means That to Produce The Same Quantity of Exhaust Gasses Emanating from a GE LM2500 (Land Mounted) by using 1.5 Litre Car Engines Running at 2500 r.p.m. We would Need 2537.17 Cars!


In Other Words every Time We See an Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A330, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, or a McDonnell Douglas MD-11…

Well… We just have to Imagine 2,537 Cars being Towed Behind Each Engine to get a Picture of The Otherwise Non Obvious Amount of Pollution Coming from Each of Those Jet Engines Suspended under The Wings!!...

Holy Hell!