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Really That’s what this Web Page is about…

By clicking anywhere within the picture above, you will be able to get an impression of what the state of the Pandemic was at the time this page was created!... A bit of American History!

That’s actually what this Whole Site is about; how we all have a right to expect that we can “Trust” our National Leaders of Any Political Persuasion, to Look after Our Human Rights, which Really Means Respecting The “Mission and Vision” Statements as shown on our HOME Page…

This first Post on this Page is, in my humble opinion, a Good Place to Start, as it encompasses many of The Issues that are Confronting us All on This Planet of Ours… and by All I mean, not Just Humans, But All Species that are Threatened By The Deliberate Denial by Some of Our Leaders, whose Concentration onTheir Positions of Power within Government, has Led to their Corruption By Lobyists of Large Global Corporations associated with Fossil Fuels; into “Denial” of both Scientific Evidence and Plain Self Evident, Common Sense, Facts…

This Video below contains some Important Update Information about The Covid-19 Pandemic and other Issues that we all are facing right now as it evolves, and our Understanding increases…


Zoonotic Diseases

Last Monday was World Zoonosis Day, it honours Louis Pasteur who on The 6th of July 1865 used the First Vaccine against Rabies.

The types of Zoonosis include those caused by: A Virus; Bacteria, Fungus or Parasites.

How to Stop the Next Pandemic 

U.N. Report Links Outbreaks to Climate Crisis & Industrial Scale Farming.

Zoonotic Diseases

And just to keep track of the Global Picture of the Covid-19 Pandemic...
This is a very good App to give a Global Picture of The Progress of This Deadly Pandemic.