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"The Sunburnt Country"



The Primary Objective is to Convince and Enlist Others to Join Us.

The Secondary Objective is To Educate Ourselves Interactively.

The Educational Course has Two Main Subject Areas:

      1. Development of Long Term Sustainable Sociological and Environmental Living Standards.

      2. For example:  "Dark Emu" This is Part of it, and has been for thousands of years...
      3. Development of a Clean, Environmentally Sustainable Base Power Generation Technique Using a Fuel of Energy Density that is at Least
        Equivalent to that of The Fossil Fuels Which are  Causing "The Existential Climate Change Problem": A Fuel that is Aligned with Our
        Sustainable Global Vision Statement.

        The First Link above to the Kirk Sorensen Long Video, is intended as an educatiional tool.
        There is a tremendous amount of information contained in it; a lot of it, I also am still trying hard to memorise, so that I can use it when I am discussing the Thorium - LFTR with those that know even Less than I do.
        Kirk has deliberately made his Videos under the Creative Commons - Share alike License, so feel free to use it as frequently as you like to learn as much as you can so that you too can share as much information as possible; to Pressure Governments; to start DOING SOMETHING to Really Reduce Green House Gasses and other Destructive Environmental Problems!!
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