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Broken News!!

An Open Letter From Michael Moore

To President-Elect Joe Biden

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This Rolling Stone Interview Explains that Problem In Spades!

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Things have become very difficult For Michael as well as for the world in recent years… The Green Alternative or Environmental Movement has sold out to The Global Capitalists!!

This means that The Green Movement and all The Traditional Guardians of Our Environment can, Sadly, no longer be trusted!... They are in fact the Major Problem!... They are creating Confusion amongst those that have traditionally trusted that they are telling The Truth about what is going on!... Sadly they are not only Not Telling The truth : They are Blatently Lying Through Their Teeth!

For Instance Al Gore has Joined with David Blood (Former CEO of Asset Management for Goldman Sachs.

Blood wanted to raise 40 to 50 Trillion US Dollars of Capital to be Invested in Green Energy!

Who But Bill McKibben of 350.Org Fame; and a Leader in the Alternative Energy and Environmental Movement would Help him to Raise this 40-50 Trillion US Dollars...

To find out which Really Green Global Corporations were used to Raise the capital

(See  The Movie Video - Start at 1:14:00  into the movie and watch to at least  1:32:00 )

Appologies for the delay... 

In the meantime, feel free to watch the Rolling Stone (Useful Idiots) Interview, if you didn’t catch it already on the Power generation page…


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Breaking News ( A Bit Late!...

but as they say ... "Better Late Than Never!"

YouTube Video

Anyway, the Movie has now been Officially Released, November 17th 2020, obviously Free of any Copyright Challenged Material!

Click the Link on The Title below to Get Access, It is Now about AUD $ 6.00 to Rent Or about AUD $ 14.00 to Buy... well worth every Penny!


The section from 1:14:00 forward to the end is a pretty good Indictment!

I hope that every one can Learn and Take appropriate Action from seeing the Truth in This Video!

The last 25 minutes or so gives a "Nutshell" of information about the Corruption of The Green Environmental Movement and its Leaders... I guess it starts with small Compromises and ends up being Total!...

Well, hopefully by now you have watched the Movie !


Imagine The Finalisation of The MSR Thorium - LFTR, [ Do NOT become Confused by The Similarity of The Accronyms for Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) and Small Modular Reactor (SMR)]: There has or seems to have been some Fast Footwork done by The "Conventional" Nuclear Power Industry, who, like the Fossil Fuel Industry, are Hell Bent, at any Expense, to the Planet and Its People: To Hang on to Their Power!

Yes! Imagine How many Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) of The Molten Salt Reactor Type (MSR Type), that could be built to Replace All Fossil Fuels, and Start taking CO2 Out of The Atmosphere, making Carbon Neutral Fuels from some of The Carbon regained from that Polluted Atmosphere,  and De-Salinating Water To Put Back into Depleted river Systems... But Also Making Our Lifestyles Much More Sustainable by Making Industrially Produced Items last as Long as They Used to in My Youth!... 

A Lot to do in The Next 30 Years... We Can Do it!... We Must Do It and Blood and Gore's 40 to 50 TRILLION US Dollars Will Go a Long Way towards accomplishing That Objectiv!....

All That's Necessary is that they STOP Bullshiting and start Doing The RIGHT THING for a change!... Who knows Al Gore might even get him some more ..... ..... "GOLD BARS!"

While I've still got your attention (hopefully!)... Here is an Interview by Chris Hedges with Jeff Gibbs, The Director ...

YouTube Video