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The Existential Threat Defined. 

Renewables? The Green New Deal

The Transitioning Process.

The Latest News Update (June 2020)

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has urged world leaders to declare a state of emergency over the climate crisis. His call came on Saturday during a virtual climate summit to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2015 Paris climate accord.


The Threat to “Existence” of All Earth Species”

THAT is The Problem!.. I have written much and posted Graphs obtained from The IPCC which can be seen on The “Thorium – LFTR” Page on my Website:-

The Graphics I Chose can be viewed by scrolling down The Page to see What has been Happening “In The Meantime”

The Source for The Graphics is Here:


As Far as Possible I will place Definitions and Meanings Here at The Start of this Page, within this Introduction.



Growing awareness of the Huge Threat posed to Humans, & indeed to the Very Existence of all Species on Our Planet, caused by Global Climate Change; as well as Localized and Globalized Environmental Issues caused by the Production and Consumption of Fossil and Ura-Nuclear Fuels (The Uranium 235 - Plutonium Wasteful Fuel Cycle): Has led to the Green New Deal (GND), and the “Extinction Rebellion” by The New Young Activists and Political Progressives.

The “Problem” is how do we “Transition” from Where we are Now to Where we Want to Be in 2050!


Renewables are :- Those Energy Sources that are Provided Free of Charge By Nature … BUT…  from which Electrical or Thermal Energy can only be Obtained By  Expending Large Amounts of Energy in Mining, Processing, and Manufacturing Materials; and Then Designing the process by which the “Free Energy” can be Obtained; and  then Processing all The Materials Required into the Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies Required and Then Assembling them into The Machine Required, Transporting it to Site, and Erecting it or them, and Commissioning them and then Operating, Naintaining them and Eventually Dismantling them and hopefully Re-cycling Them!... and Replacing Them!... Not So “Free” after All!

In Fact A Graphic has been Developed which shows the Costs for Many of The Energy Supply Types in Terms of the Materials Required to obtain a “Terra Wat  of Energy”.

As can be seen, as far as the Quantity of Materials Required for the Machinery Type for Each Power Source to Supply a “Terra Wat of Power” (1 X 10^12 Wats)… The Least Materially Expensive  is Nuclear : By a Long Shot!


Here is another Graphic that Makes The Comparison Between 

The Present "Fuel Materials Required" to Meet The World’s Electrical Energy Requirements… And The "Fuel Material Required" 

if using "only" 

The Thorium – LFTR.

Soooo... 6,600 tonnes of Thorium 
Provides as Much energy as:-

5.3 Billion tonnes of Coal 
31.1 Billion Barrels of Oil 
2.92 Trillion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas 
(A Frackers Delight!) 
65,000 tonnes of Uranium...

Which Environmental Footprint 
Would You Prefer?


A quad is a unit of energy equal to 1015 (a short-scale quadrillion) BTU, or 1.055 × 1018 joules (1.055 exajoules or EJ) in SI units. ... Some common types of an energy carrier approximately equal to 1 quad are: 8,007,000,000 gallons (US) of gasoline. 293,071,000,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) 293.07 terawatt-hours (TWh)

Ref: Quad (unit) - Wikipedia

Disadvantages of THORIUM

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